William Leme

Software Engineer

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Oct 22, 2021
Fixing 'npm does not support Node.js v xx.xx' Upon updating a node version you may see the following message stating your npm is not compatible with the newly installed nodejs version …
Jan 11, 2021
C# - Record Types in practice C# 9.0 introduces a new type called record type which is an immutable reference type with a ‘built-in’ value-based comparison. It’s inumattble because once the object is created it cannot be changed. …
Jan 4, 2021
Running Sql Server on a Raspberry Pi using Docker Sql Server for linux has been around for a bit but it’s only designed for x86 architectures which means not compatible with ARM therefore not possible to use it on a raspberry pi. …
Jun 12, 2020
Chart.js + Blazor Abstracting the usage of the Chart.Js Library in a Blazor WebAssembly Component
Jun 8, 2020
Using Ionic Ui Web components in a Blazor App How to use Ionic Web Components in a Blazor Web Assembly App …
May 28, 2020
App: A Url Shortener Web App A url shortener web app built in NodeJs + EJS + MongoDb + Redis …
May 24, 2020
Automatically checking whether environment variables exist in the host OS (Nodejs) Checking whether all environment variables exist in the host OS dynamically when publishing your app to production.
Apr 8, 2020
Securing your jwt in a js app (video tutorial - part 1) How to secure your jwt in a js app to prevent XSS attacks using .net core as a backend
Apr 7, 2020
Fix Azure Error 0x8007006d / Event Id 1022 How to fix Azure App Service Error 0x8007006d | Event Id 1022 | Message Id 0x250d
Jan 30, 2019
YNAB starter kit in .Net Core 2.2 Want to start developing custom YNAB tools using .net core ?